Fun Facts About Keto You (Probably) Didn't Know?

A unique holiday created by the supplement retailer, Vitamin Shoppe, National Keto Day helps to bring awareness to the diet and the benefits it offers while providing easy-to-understand information on how to start for beginners. Are you curious about the ketogenic diet and want to learn more? We’ve got you covered.In honor of National Keto Day, we’ll cover fun keto facts that you (probably) didn’t know.

Origin of the Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet was originally created as a treatment for seizures in epileptic patients. The diet has successfully been used as a treatment for epilepsy since the 1920s. The keto diet can be used in both children and adults with hard-to-control epilepsy.

How Many Carbs Are Allowed on Keto?

You might already know that the keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb way of eating, but how many carbs are allowed?

When following the keto diet, your total net carb intake needs to be restricted to 20 to 50 grams a day in order to properly maintain ketosis. However, this is for a standard therapeutic ketogenic diet. If you’re an athlete, for example, your carbohydrate intake will most likely be higher.

Fruits Are Allowed on the Keto Diet

Speaking of carbs, many people believe that once you’re on the ketogenic diet, it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite fruits. Not true!

There are plenty of delicious and nutritious fruits on the keto diet that you can enjoy including berries and avocados.

There Are Plenty of Ketogenic-Certified Products

While the foundation of a successful ketogenic diet is in the whole foods you eat and your overall diet plan, there are a variety of healthy and keto-certified products that can help. Here are some ketogenic products that can support ketosis and they all taste amazing:

.Quest Nutrition: The following flavors are ketogenic certified: chocolate, double .chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and peanut butter cookies.HEKA Good .Foods: All of the HEKA bars are ketogenic certified.Sola: The vanilla almond .granola is keto certified.nuPasta: All konjac pasta is ketogenic certified.Real .Salt: All products are keto certified.

Not All Fats Are Created Equal

Yes, the ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet, but that doesn’t give you the greenlight to eat as much fast food as you want.

You’ll want to focus on sources of mono-saturated fats above all else while on the ketogenic diet. Poly-unsaturated fats are also important, and don’t forget about a moderate amount of saturated fats.

You’ll want to avoid trans fats – usually found in processed foods – at all costs.

Keto Burns Fat as Fuel

The ketogenic diet triggers a biological process called ketosis that uses fats instead of carbs for fuel. When carbohydrates are removed from the diet, the body resorts to burning fats instead. Ketone bodies are considered a cleaner source of fuel, but they are also the preferred fuel source for your brain.

Your Brain Loves Ketones

The benefits of the ketogenic diet don’t just stop at weight loss. The ketogenic diet may improve your brainpower. In fact, one of the most largely reported benefits by individuals on the keto diet is the mental clarity and improved cognitive function they experience.

Keto Flu is Real… But It’s Avoidable

Yes, the rumors are true: There is such a thing as the keto flu. BUT you can avoid

The keto flu happens when you first start the diet. Common symptoms include drowsiness, dizziness, brain fog, nausea, fatigue, and irritability.

To avoid the keto flu, start eliminating your carbs slowly a month beforehand, increase your levels of electrolytes, and check out our article how to protect yourself against the ketogenic diet flu.

Intermittent Fasting Helps

Intermittent fasting is when you abstain from eating food or caloric-based beverages for 16 to 24 hours. Many individuals who go keto also practice intermittent fasting because it has been shown to amplify the benefits of the keto diet.

Keto in the News

The keto diet has become increasingly popular due to several celebrities that can’t stop raving about it. Some of these popular keto advocates include Halle Berry, Lebron James, Tim Tebow, Vanessa Hudgens, and even the Kardashians.

Start a Keto Diet on National Keto Day

Are you new to the keto diet and don’t know where to start? Still want to learn more about the keto diet and how it can help you? Read about the keto diet for beginners along with beginner-friendly keto recipe to celebrate National Keto Day.