5 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Keto.

Here at Keto and Co, we believe better nutrition improves lives, so we’re dedicated to understanding how to make it easier and more delicious for you to live a healthier lifestyle.

we surveyed over four thousand people following a keto lifestyle and two thousand people from the general population to learn the reasons why you’re doing keto, how it fits into your lifestyle, and how it impacts your life.

We received so much exciting information from the survey and decided to share the most interesting results. In the end, we’ll also let you know what we have planned!

1-Keto overtook paleo in popularity.

The ketogenic diet, a low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat way of eating, has been used to treat epilepsy since the 1920s due to its ability to mimic the metabolism of fasting in the body.

Since then, through the powers of word of mouth of enthusiastic users and social media, the buzz about people losing weight, increasing their energy, and managing their diagnosed conditions while following a ketogenic diet took the internet by storm. It resulted in skyrocketing interest and corresponding online search volume.

In two years, searches for keto-related terms grew by more than 530% to surpass those for paleo and nearly match searches for gluten-free.

2. An average person following keto for more than 6 months loses 43 pounds.

Weight loss, followed by diabetes management, is the predominant reason people start following a keto lifestyle -- and the average person loses a life-changing 43 pounds in just 6-months.

A ketogenic diet is effective for weight loss because it can help reduce calorie intake, reduce food cravings or feelings of hunger, and burn more fat.

In addition to weight loss, a majority of participants (58%) use keto to “feel better.” Many have reported that following a keto lifestyle has improved their energy, focus, sleep, skin, and more.

3. A large majority (79%) intend to stay on keto indefinitely. 

The word “diet” is often associated with a temporary way of eating. Yet, according to our survey, a large majority (79%) intend to stay on keto indefinitely. As one respondent put it, “I expect to continue eating keto for the rest of my life.” This data suggests that keto is less of a trend and more a lifestyle.

Keto and Co founder, Ted Tieken, has been keto for seven years and, like our survey respondents, has no plans of stopping. Ted had been experiencing years of chronic pain when he decided to start following a keto lifestyle. Within just four days, his pain had subsided, and his passion for making low carb easy began.

4. The most significant barrier to adoption of keto was the lack of convenient foods options.

The top challenges for keto lifestylers were the lack of convenient options outside of the household, social pressures to "cheat" on the keto diet, and sugar and carb cravings.

During this period, there were only a few brands and convenient foods that followers could rely on to fit into their busy lifestyles, like nuts, cheese sticks, and cured meats. In addition, there were minimal substitutions for classic carby foods everyone loves, like bread, brownies, and cake. Since then, the keto product market has exploded with low-carb alternatives that aim to make eating well easy—no more making everything from scratch or eating the same meal every day.

5. The top missed foods on keto were bread, pizza, pasta, potatoes, and ice cream.

People following a keto diet indulge in rich, fatty foods like cheese and butter and enjoy fresh produce and meats while feeling better in the process. However, participants answered that food cravings and temptations at social events have made it challenging to stay on keto. The top 5 most craved foods were:
5-Ice cream

These were followed closely by chips, chocolate, beer, and rice.

The keto offerings have continued to grow, and you can enjoy the foods you love again!

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