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Keto Burn
(3 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra
(3 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra

(3 Pack) TruuBurn Keto

(2 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra
(2 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra

(2 Pack) TruuBurn Keto

(5 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra
(5 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra

(5 Pack) TruuBurn Keto

(1 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra
(1 Pack) TruuBurn Keto - Gold Nutra

(1 Pack) TruuBurn Keto


Get to Ketosis Faster and Stay There! We know that getting into Ketosis doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t need to be trial and error. Our Keto Supplements are designed to help you enter Ketosis faster while on a low carb diet. Using our Keto pills, along with following a keto lifestyle, you can get you into ketosis faster, which means you’re one step closer to reaching your health and fitness goals.

Our unique Keto Supplement has a potency of 800mg so you enter the metabolic state of ketosis easier and stay there. Our proprietary formula is made with goBHB® which is not only a great fuel source for the body, but it may also help you enter the state of ketosis faster. Once you enter the state of ketosis your body will start to burn fat as a fuel source, rather than carbohydrates.


Proprietary Blend of goBHB® Magnesium Beta-hydrobutyrate, Calcium Beta-Hydrobutyrate, Sodium Beta-Hydrobutyrate


As a dietary supplement, take (2) capsules one to three times per day. For best results take 20-30 minutes before a meal with an 8oz glass of water or as directed by your health care professional.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Colette Girard

J aurais aimer que se soit écrit en français l’es explication du produit mais merci je l’es ai reçue. Dites moi est ce. Vrai que je vais perdre du poids J aurais aimer lire ceux qui l ont essayer merci

Rick Maldonado
post results

keto after use helped reduce food craving and lost fifteen pounds in the first month of use. would recommend to others and continue to use thanks for your help

Joel Sharp

Pills that work for sure

Kerry Weber
It works great!!!

But it works great, especially when Im bored and looking to eat something.

Sam Wagner
Slimming down in a week

I am very athletic but have always had a hard time losing those last few pounds. I am Female, 5'8 150 pounds. Paired with exercise (some cardio and heavy weight lifting), I started to notice results in a week! It wasn't weight that I was losing but rather my stomach was slimming down and I was gaining muscle in its place. I will be buying Keto BHB for the next few months and I am excited to see long term results down the road.


Above anything else, we value your safety and satisfaction. In every product we deliver, we keep in mind your health and well-being. We strive to provide high-quality products made with clean and natural ingredients. We’ve taken the greatness of nature and backed it with science to create truly effective supplements to give you real results.


Trying a new dietary supplement can be tough, and we completely understand that. We never take our customers’ trust for granted which is why our promise has been, and will always be, to be 100% transparent about our ingredients. You can be confident in knowing exactly what you’re getting when you choose us


The quality and effectiveness of our products is something we are truly proud of. Knowing that our ingredients and formulation are the very best in the business. If our supplements work for our countless happy customers, they can work for you too!